Pot Noodle Pallet Display


As part of the Pot Noodles new campaign, we were asked to design and produce a quantity of these for flagship supermarkets. The pallet display is made from corrugated and PVC sheets with a battery powered motor attached to the backboard. The display incorporated a rotating spoon coming out of the top of the pot noodle lid. We created a 3D pot that is attached to the backboard with a rotating printed spoon out the top to add life and attract the consumer towards the display.  All aspects of assembly, printing and design was done by Horizon Digital Print.

pot noodle

pot noodle 2 Photo 15-10-2015 09 56 20

Photo 15-10-2015 09 55 43

Photo 15-10-2015 09 55 28

Photo 15-10-2015 09 55 23

Video 15-10-2015 09 56 06 from Niall Kilcullen on Vimeo.

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