Butlers Airport Tiered Display


We were commissioned to design and produce a Tiered Display for Butlers Chocolates in Luton Airport. The display is made from MDF and solid wood, Aluminium and Perspex. From the initial concept we developed on a few ideas and made some slight changes to the below render. In keeping with the theme of the Butlers Pillar Display we had completed; the header followed the same style and consisted of a double sided header with raised perspex lettering and encased in an MDF frame. The Aluminium center column intersected each of the solid wooden shelves. Brown accent pieces blended the column into the shelf surfaces. An Aluminium brush guard was created and protrudes from the main body of the display which is very impact-full. We decided to go with curved perspex shelf edges which were inset into the shelves themselves, rather than the original concept. The shelf edges add a new dynamic to the display and soften the square lines of the unit. The shelf edges have slots for SEL strips and price points for functionality.

 All aspects of assembly, printing and design was done by Horizon Digital Print.

Butlers Dublin Airport Tiered Display - Rev01 - 3D Visual with dims

2016-03-15 10.51.31

2016-03-15 10.51.51

2016-03-15 10.51.39

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