Schneider Electric Wall Display


We were commissioned to design and produce a wall mounted unit by Schneider Electric to display their range of plug sockets and switches. The display is made from PVC and has a light box at the top with added down lighting to illuminate the range on display. The display has x2 A4 acrylic pockets on the front kicker for brochures. We used a Green Edgelight panel above the kicker panel raised on aluminium spuds to draw the consumers eye to the display. This coupled with the LED Light box creates a visually appealing display unit.

 All aspects of assembly, printing and design was done by Horizon Digital Print.

Schneider Electric Wall Display - Rev01 - 3D Visual with dims

Initial 3D Visual with sizes.

86677 Schneider Electric Display LR_4

Artwork applied to 3D Model for approval.

2016-08-30 12.50.31

2016-08-30 12.51.41

2016-08-30 12.51.57

2016-08-30 12.48.03

2016-08-30 12.47.58

2016-08-30 12.47.02

2016-08-30 12.47.07

2016-08-30 12.47.20

2016-08-30 12.47.29

The Green Edgelight glows and draws the eye from afar.

2016-08-30 12.48.26

2016-08-30 12.44.28

2016-08-30 12.48.14

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