Cadburys Giant Present Box


As part of a Cadburys Christmas Gift Giveaway we were commissioned to design and produce a Giant Present Box that could be filled with presents and a promotional team could wheel the unit to customers houses or place of business and hand out Christmas gifts from Cadburys. The giant box was constructed from 2″x 4″ Timber, MDF and Stadurboard. Castor wheels were added to the base and metal handles for manoeuvre ability. The lid was removable¬†with a large purple bow on top.

 All aspects of assembly, printing and design was done by Horizon Digital Print.

Cadburys Giant Present Box - Rev00 - 3D Visual with dims

Initial 3D Visual for approval of sizes.

2015-12-03 18.17.56

2015-12-03 18.17.52

2015-12-03 18.17.45

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