Smart Media Solutions – Charge Towers


In 2015 SMS – Smart Media Solutions was founded as a startup company. As Technical Director, my responsibilities were to manage and maintain the technical aspects of the units and content. Perform site visits and facilitate any requests from the client and maintain a positive and productive relationship with the customer. The mobile charge towers were designed with six hatches, of which were pin code protected. The customer could then place their mobile device into one of the hatches to charge and securely lock the hatch door, enter a 4-digit code and continue shopping whilst the phone charged. This service was free to the public. A screen was mounted in the unit above the hatches to display ad-space and using Navori Software, could be remotely accessed and content changed upon request, with a strong internet signal. We implemented three units into Dundrum Town Centre, TheĀ Guinness Storehouse, The Ploughing Championships, Maxol Service Stations, Private Conferences around Ireland and Award Shows. We would also provide a full branding service of the units to facilitate certain events and brand requirements.

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